We Believe

The Artist/Label Funding team understands the music industry artists’, producers’ and labels’ and their needs. We bring a passion for music to the Artist/Label Funding vision. Our commitment to you includes a simple, efficient, effective  and direct approach to asset monetization that is equipping music industry professionals of all kinds to move forward in their careers and lives.

We Invest

Artist/Label Funding invests in the big picture for artists and labels we believe in, by compensating them for their repertoire of work to equip them with financial stability as they move forward in the industry or beyond.

We Lead

Bo Crane, Founder of Artist/Label Funding, has been an entrepreneur in the music industry since 1981, when he founded Pandisc Records, home to numerous classic bass, dance and freestyle artists.


Additionally, Crane has decades of expertise in music production and marketing, as well as music publishing and music licensing with worldwide network music connections.  He’s the recipient of numerous gold and platinum awards certifying sales achievements, the latest coming in 2017 for co-publishing the platinum selling single “Wicked” by Future.   Other Billboard. RIAA and BMI awards include artists Ciara, Black Eyed Peas, Flo-Rida, Lil’ Jon, and many more.


When founding Artist/Label Funding, Crane brought together all of his experience to serve musicians, labels and producers who need to realize the financial worth of their music.   Artist/Label Funding is the business model that serves a music industry need in a new, efficient way.