Your Questions Matter

Q: Your website says “Artist/Label Funding”. Can other owners of SoundExchange royalty streams sell their SoundExchange royalty stream to you?


A: Yes. Artist/Label Funding welcomes all rights-holders. In fact, any entity (record label/production company) or individual (artist, producer) receiving a SoundExchange royalty stream is eligible.



Q: Does Artist/Label Funding want to own my copyrights?


A: No. Artist/Label Funding purchases only the on-going SoundExchange royalty stream in perpetuity. The artists and labels retain ownership/copyrights in the recordings to the extent already owned.



Q: Does Artist/Label Funding have a claim on any other income stream from my recordings?


A: No. Artist/Label Funding does not interfere with the artists and labels royalties derived from the recordings with respect to the sale of physical product, downloads, synchronization uses, etc. We only acquire the right to collect royalty income in respect of streaming. Also, ArtistFunding does not in any manner participate in the ownership or collection of music publishing royalties/income. The artists and labels will continue to retain ownership of their copyrights in the musical compositions.



Q: How does Artist/Label Funding evaluate my SoundExchange royalty stream in order to arrive at a purchase price?


A: We require at least two immediate prior years of SoundExchange statements as well as your repertoire track-list in order to arrive at an appraised purchase offer price.



Q: If I do a deal with Artist/Label Funding for my SoundExchange royalty stream, how soon do I get my money?


A: After signing the purchase agreement and SoundExchange approving the Letter of Direction (LOD), within three business days a check or a wire transfer will be issued for 100% of the purchase price.


Q: How can I get in touch with Artist/Label Funding for more information?


A: Just fill out the form and hit “Send Message” on the Contact page.