A Mutually Beneficial Process

By investing in recording artists’ or record labels’ music streaming rights, Artist/Label Funding unlocks the financial potential in your music streaming royalties and provides you with instant capital. Some clients will choose to continue a career in the music industry or to invest the proceeds new ventures, while others may simply want to enhance their retirement savings, estate planning and charitable contributions.


Whatever your reason, at Artist/Label Funding we partner with artists and labels for a mutually beneficial outcome.

  • We Assess

    Artist/Label Funding will assess the value of your digital streaming royalty income (i.e., SoundExchange, Spotify, SiriusXM), based on past performance.

  • We Make an Offer

    After determining the longer-term market value of your music, Artist/Label Funding will extend an offer for the purchase of your digital streaming royalty income, along with our rationale for the amount of the offer.

  • We Verify

    At Artist/Label Funding we follow a legally binding process that establishes a full transfer of rights to us, helping us to ultimately verify ownership and assets. At the end of the process, you will be compensated in full on the agreed-upon offer.

  • You Thrive

    You are free to use your compensation from Artist/Label Funding for the purposes of your choosing, helping you meet your goals both personally and professionally. Our clients are the most important component of our business, and we want to ensure your experience with Artist/Label Funding is a positive one.